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As you await the birth of your child, you are accompanied by incredible joy and excitement. We help you share these emotions with others by visualising your happiness!

“Long years of experience in the field of prenatal diagnostics have brought us the long-awaited and desired result – the state-of-the-art technology that is baby.link. A technology thanks to which you will not only be able to enjoy a 3D image of your baby whenever you want, but also share it with your loved ones. Congratulations and we are extremely delighted for you! This is also a moment for you to share the extraordinary news in a unique way. It is amazing how just one click can evoke a multitude of emotions. The innermost and most intimate ones that we are unable to describe”.

Quote from Ms Agnieszka Drews

What is baby.link?

The ultrasound scan result on your phone.

Until now, the most common form of visualising and recording the results of ultrasound examinations, which could be enjoyed by parents-to-be and their loved ones, was the printed image. However, such a physical printout in our present day digital world poses many limitations. Baby.link is something more. It is an extraordinary visualisation of 3D ultrasound data during pregnancy. And all this is available in your browser, without the need to install any application.

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The new quality of ultrasound scan results presentation

Baby.link creates memories. It captures extraordinary moments and evokes unforgettable emotions. Share them with your loved ones by making the image available to the person of your choice. The recipient will receive a link to a dedicated page showing a 3D model of your baby.

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How does it work?

Choose medical facility that provides baby.link service

Undergo your ultrasound prenatal test

Log in to your baby.link panel

View 3D images of your baby

Make them available and share your happiness with your loved ones!

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Joanna Wójcikowska
Tymon's mum
Baby.link is most of all an amazing keepsake! Both for the parents and the family as well as friends with whom we decided to share our baby's image. The reactions we encountered were extremely moving and will remain in our memories for a long time. And our first thought? Indescribable! I am very glad I have found your service!
Wiktoria Wierzbicka
Mum of Leon and Antosia
I was first told about baby.link by an excited friend of mine. When she shared the dedicated link with me, I decided to use the service too. Everything went very quickly and smoothly and the registration process itself is very intuitive. I shared the link with, among others, my partner, who happens to be abroad. It was an incredibly joyful moment for him! As it was for me!

For medical professionals

We are committed to making the sharing of happiness through baby.link service exceptional, but also widespread. We would like to encourage gynaecological clinics to work with us, as well as doctors and medical professionals who are interested in offering their patients this opportunity in their practices. We believe that together we can create unforgettable moments and emotions.